If you've come from Pinterest... welcome :-)

Hi, I’m Logan Ransley (Owner of Creation Alley™). I’m a shamelessly talented painter, musician, and creative weirdo.

(I’m not saying weirdo to be mean. Let’s face it: we’re all weirdos, in our own awesome way.)

But… there are the kinda weirdos who live like shells, inside of themselves. Society and life like beating artists down to the ground.

The way it beat me down 10 years ago. See, way back when I was easily stressed out. My hands shook violently. My palms and face and back sweated like you wouldn’t believe.

And my anxiety levels were through the roof… to the point that some days, I didn’t even leave the house. I could not physically walk outside the door and onto my front lawn.

Until one day in 2016, I came across a method of painting called “Paint By Numbers.”

It allows you to paint a picture, according to numbers, since each area of the painting is assigned a number. My job, as the artist, was to fill in those numbered areas with the corresponding painting colour.

Let’s say that #1 is yellow. For every #1 that appeared in the outline, I had to use the yellow paint to fill in every #1 on the outline. And then move on to #2, which could be red, and then #3 and so on.

It’s pure meditation.

Totally stress relieving.

(^ My favourite Golden Retriever. His name is "Seppo")

Because you’re focusing all your mental energies on brushing a bit of paint in a super-tiny space.

Worries just melt away. Life’s struggles are easily forgotten. I found solace in my new world – and absolutely fell in love with Painting By Numbers (PBN). 

Talk to you again soon! 



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