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About Us

Founded in 2016, Creation Alley has inspired creativity in the hearts, hands and minds of its customers. We have grown into an industry-leading e-commerce business, and strive everyday to help every customer find their creative happy place.

Creation Alley's art supplies are created and sourced from high quality manufacturers around the world. We strive to promote the incredible healing benefits of art therapy, and to continue the legacy left behind by Dan Robbins.

At Creation Alley, we are strong advocates for mindfulness through art therapy. Many of us have heard about the benefits of meditation, but sometimes find it hard to do. Fewer of us know about the profound benefits of artistic expression. Creating art, however, is another way to access a meditative state of mind and the profound healing it brings. 

We're thrilled to support Saint Johns - St Johns is a dynamic charitable organisation that provides ambulance services, first aid training, event medical services and care-based community programmes.

Our Mission

"I originally found my creative passion through music, and used this as my meditation for stress relief. Being an artist, I wanted to promote the incredible healing benefits of art therapy, and to help others find their creative happy place." ~ Logan Ransley, Founder

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