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Paint By Numbers Tips + Tricks. Make sure you read these

by Logan Ransley June 26, 2018


Before you start your first Paint By Numbers kit, be sure to read these tips first. 

  • Make sure to work in a brightly lit area and keep a magnifying glass on hand for the smallest areas of the canvas.
  • Start by painting the smallest areas of the canvas and gradually move to the largest areas.
  • If possible, let each painted area dry completely (around 10-15 minutes, depending on thickness of application) before moving on to the next one.
  • Remember to wash your brush completely before moving to a different color. For Paint By Numbers kits, warm water and mild soap work best.
  • For kits that require simple blending, paint mixed light colors next. Then, finish with darker mixed colors.
  • When blending colors, always leave a small amount of the original colors for any places you might have missed.
  • Toothpicks work well for mixing colors as well as filling in the very small areas of the canvas.
  • Avoid running out of paint - Use just enough paint to cover the numbers, but not so much that the paint runs into other areas. These kits are carefully designed to include enough paint to lightly cover each section.
  • With each color, start in the middle of the picture working your way out and around so as not to miss a spot.
  • Prevent smudges by starting at the top of the canvas so that the drying paint stays above your hand.
  • Close the paint pots when not in use to prevent them from drying out. Thickening of the paint can result if your paint is exposed to the air for too long. There are two techniques you can use to thin your acrylic paints. Read these HERE.
  • While not necessary, you can seal your completed paint by number with a light coat of clear acrylic sealer.
  • Be patient and take your time!
  • Sections on the canvas that are blank and grey correspond with the paint pot that has a blank grey sticker. 
  • Framing your masterpiece ~ Stretch the canvas flat on the frame's backing board, and use thumb tacks to securely fix the canvas in place. If needed, use a craft knife or fabric shears to trim the excess canvas for a flush fit.
  • Remember ~ All you need to do is match the number printed on the paint pot with the corresponding number printed on the canvas! 
  • Sometimes wrinkling can be normal for shipping canvases like ours. If your Paint By Numbers canvas has arrived slightly wrinkled, we've got two methods you can try to flatten it before beginning. Read these HERE.
  • If you haven't done so already, please join the official Paint By Numbers Community Group HERE to learn tips and progress with other fellow paint by numbers enthusiasts!

To learn more, read the Paint By Numbers Frequently Asked Questions, available below: 

Download PDF

Logan Ransley

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